Manuscript Pages



Doctor’s Opinion:

Doctor\'s Opinion

Bill’s Story:

Bill\'s Story

There is a solution:

There is a Solution

How it works 1:

How it works 2:

The Promises:

Step Eleven:

Working with others:

To Wives 1:

To Wives 2:

Family Afterwards:

End Notes:

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thank you.

would there be a chance that step 10 — p.84,5 of the manuscript be accessible?

mighty gracious


Comment by Brian P.

Hey Brian,

The pages above are scans from the Sotheby’s auction catalog. Every page they displayed is posted above. Drop a line to Ken R. ( He owns the manuscript and there was some rumor that he might be planning on publishing a facsimile version.

-James R.

Comment by stepstudy

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