October 25, 2008, 8:15 am
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If you’re a regular over at AAhistorylovers, you may have already read this one. If not, it’s well worth your time to head over to the AAA website and read “Three ways to be Anonymous” by Tom P. Jr., who also wrote Gresham’s Law and Alcoholics Anonymous.

In “Three Ways,” Tom offers an extensive quote from an Akron oldtimer who talks about how they used to do meetings with Dr. Bob.

Nobody led our meetings in the very early days. We all just sat around in a circle. After the opening prayer and a short text from the Bible, we had quiet time, silently praying for guidance about what to say. Then each person in turn said something, asking for any help he wanted, bringing up anything that was troubling him or just whatever was on his mind. After everyone was through, there were announcements and we held hands and said the Lord’s Prayer. There was no clapping. At that kind of a meeting, clapping would have seen out of place.

The quote goes on for several more paragraphs. Definitely worth a read: (link)

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